Always Good for a Cry

1 10 2008

At Anna’s memorial services in Richmond and Louisville we showed a slide show of pictures showing Anna from about 3 to 9 years old.  We used a song by Michael W. Smith that was a favorite of Anna.  The song is called “Anna.”  Can you guess why she liked it so much?

When we came to California we added a second song.  I had wanted to use a song by Anna’s favorite group, Switchfoot.  The song I wanted to use was called “Yesterdays” on the album Oh, Gravity!.  When we got to Louisville, however, I found a new song by the group that we did not know before.  Anna had never heard it.  It was a song from the closing credits from the second Narnia move, Prince Caspian, called “This is Home.”  As soon as I heard it I knew that it was the song I wanted for Anna.  It speaks of leaving an old life behind and moving into a new place.  The singer says, “Created for a place I’ve never known.”  That one line sums up what has happened to Anna and what will happen to all of us who believe in Jesus.  Even after Anna’s death, she can still say, “I’ve got my eyes wide; it’s not over yet.”  No, Anna, it is not over yet, for you will rise again and greet a new day facing your sweet Lord Jesus.




3 responses

2 10 2008

Ah duh Pak Todd….

Thanks so much for sharing that!

2 10 2008
Lisa Chambers

Thanks for posting that Todd and Timberley. I will show it to the kids in the morning. They will be glad to see it again and with another beautiful song added. Kalau Bisa, semua orang harus mencoba hidup seperti Anna.

2 10 2008

You’re welcome.
Lisa, at first I thought your comment misdirected. We don’t need to live like Anna; we need to live like Christ. But just a moment’s reflection made me remember that we are here as Christ’s ambassodors. That was true Anna just as it was for us or any other believer. So, yes, we need to follow Anna as Anna followed Christ.
(If you are reading this and have no idea what it is about, Lisa’s Indonesian sentence above means, “If possible, everyone must try to live like Anna.”)

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