The Bible as Word of God, part 2

19 10 2008

One day Timberley came to me and said that she thought we should begin reading from the New Testament at night.  At the time I think we were in the historical books of the Old Testament for our nightly devotion.  Her  concern was that the kids were not learning enough about Jesus.


“They are learning a lot of history and Bible facts, but they know nothing about the most important parts of the Bible,” she said.


“Be patient,” I replied.  “First of all, they are learning about Jesus in other ways.  They learn from us, from church, from others.  Second, if we try to change our devotion routine there will be a small riot.  But third, and most important, by reading through the entire OT, the children will be ready to hear about Christ.  They will know why he needed to come and what his mission was.  The Gospels will make much more sense to them if we finish out our plan.”

It was difficult to keep up some times, but we persisted and I think the results were good.  The children knew the story of Israel in the Old Testament, and they knew the prophecies about Jesus.  When Matthew wrote in his Gospel, “This happened to fulfill what was written . . .,” they understood what it was all about.




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