The Bible as Word of God, part 3

22 10 2008

On another occasion we were vacationing with some friends. As we neared bed time I told my friend about our bedtime routine and that his family was free to join us, but it was not necessary if they chose not to.  They decided to join and they brought their four children with them.  We read from the book of Hosea and their two oldest children sat with wide-eyes as I read.  We closed with prayer and sent the children on their way.  Later that evening, I was told that their children were disapoointed because they thought we would all take turns reading.  I said that if they joined us again the next night that we would all have a chance to read.  The next night came and we divided our chapter up into enough pieces for everyone to read.  We went around the room with everyone taking part.  Some read well and some not so well, but everyone participated.  When we finished reading the questions started coming.  All of the children wanted to know about some part that they did not understand.  We had a great discussion about the word of God and all the children went away satisfied.  Afterwards, my friend, the children’s mother, came to me and said, “I never would have thought my children would sit still to listen to the Bible being read.  And when they began asking questions and talking about it, I was completely shocked.”


“I wonder if maybe we don’t give our kids enough credit,” I replied. “I think maybe they take in more that we think they can.”



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