The Little Girl in Louisville, part 1

27 10 2008

We knew pretty early on that Anna was a different child than Samuel.  We never did figure out if it was the difference between first and second children or the difference between boys and girls.  I am sure all of these factors combinde together to create the personality of each person.  But whatever the various factors it is God who works them all together to make each person unique.

Samuel and Anna were certainly different from one another.  While Samuel was headstrong, Anna was compliant.  While Samuel was excitable, Anna was calm.  While Samuel was loud, Anna was quiet.  But they were not only different; they were complementary.  When Samuel led, Anna would follow.  If he wanted to play a game, Anna was ready.

At times it perhaps went to an unhealthy point.  There were times that Anna would sit down to play with some blocks or a puzzle.  She would find her spot.  She got all of her things out of a toy box and had them all in order ready to go.  Then Samuel might come by and say, “Hey Anna, can I play with those blocks?”  Wordlessly, Anna would hand everything over to Samuel, smiling all the while.  She seemed content that she could so easily make him happy.

Anna adored her big brother.  We have a video of the kids playing ring-around-the-rosie in our kitchen.  They must have been about four and two years old at the the time.  Sam was definitely the leader as he led the song, looked into the camera, and at the final “we all fall down” would pull Anna down to the floor with him.  Anna would never say a word until the end when she would stand up and say, “Do it again.”  And Sam would faithfully get up and do it again.  All the while Anna would just smile her big open-mouthed smile and stare into her brother’s face.  They played the game over and over again and Anna’s gaze never left her brother.  As Anna grew older she displayed a capacity for a deep, compassionate love.  Looking back we can see that love shown even when she was a toddler.



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