The Mouse That Roared, The Little Girl in Louisville, part 4

31 10 2008

In dealing with Anna’s aversion to clothing tags we also discovered another talent—the ear-spitting scream.  A friend related a story to us about baby-sitting Anna.

We looked after Anna and Samuel one evening while you two grown-ups had some time together, and I was afraid that she would be miserable with us.  But she was just a little sweetheart and talked and talked to me while my husband and Samuel investigated bugs, etc.  I thought we had really bonded, and she would probably adopt me as her new grandmother—until I tried to brush her teeth.  I put the toothbrush in her mouth, and she began the most ear-splitting scream I had ever heard.  I thought I had shoved the toothbrush down her throat or at least knocked out a couple of teeth!  But when I removed the toothbrush and toothpaste, the lovely little angelic smile instantly reappeared.  I remember staring at that precious face and wondering how that dreadful sound came from it.

The children’s minister at our church tells this story of Anna at church.

On one Wednesday evening Anna was not happy and she threw a temper tantrum. A very loud temper tantrum. So loud that people in the hallway asked “Who is that?” I answered “Anna Borger.” Each person then said “Oh Anna must not be feeling well. She never acts like that!” I remembered thinking either Anna is coming down with a fever or she has discovered the power of her voice! As it turned out, she wasn’t ill. She was just experiencing the normal three year old realization that when you don’t get your way there is a chance you can get your way if you are loud enough! The good thing is that Anna did learn the power of her voice. The amazing power of a voice committed to the Lord.




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