Reformation Day 2008

1 11 2008

While everyone else enjoyed Halloween, we maintained our alien status by celebrating Reformation Day.  On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church in Germany setting off what became known as the Protestant Reformation and reclaiming a biblical, evangelical faith.

Our son dressed as the great reformer, Martin Luther.

In the first picture you can see him with his 95 theses tucked into his belt.  On the other side is his hammer.  (We borrowed a real hammer for the occasion, but Samuel could not resist the urge to smash the infidels on the head, so we opted for the less risky cardboard model.  For those who care, it came from a Tony Boombozz pizza box–originally containing the best pizza in Louisville.)

The second picture shows him nailing his document to the door of the Wittenberg Church, or as we like to call it, our apartment.

From there we went to an event at our church.  When asked who he was, many realized he was a monk.  More than a few guessed that he was Friar Tuck.  After being shown the scroll in his pocket, those who understood knew the truth.  The best response came from one little girl who, after being told that Samuel was dressed as Martin Luther, ran to tell her friends to come see Samuel.  “He’s dressed as Martin Luther King, Jr.,” she excitedly told everyone.

Anna loved dressing up.  We agreed that had she been with us she would have wanted to be Luther’s wife, Katherina von Bora.  It was difficult seeing all of the girls dressed up, knowing that Anna would have loved the evening.




4 responses

1 11 2008
Deloris Borger

Good costume Samuel, you looked very handsome. What kind of candy do you like best? Grandma

1 11 2008

Unfortuantly, I missed Samuel’s costume…but I bet I would have guessed it right! Thanks for remembering the REAL occassion for this celebrating 10/31!

It was a blessing to visit with Timberly.

3 11 2008


100 Grand candy bars.


8 11 2008
Lisa Chambers

You did look great. Frederick was a Jedi Knight…..

Aunt Lisa

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