Old Photos

19 12 2008


Going through some old photographs.  Thought I would share some.

Here is Anna with Foxy.  AKA Fat Foxy.  Fooky.  Worthless.  Useless.  (The last two names are mine.)

We found Foxy along with two siblings a day or two after they were born.  The mother abandoned them in front of our house.  Molly, our dog killed one of them.  Marco, the second, ran away after a few months of high living at the foreigner’s house.  Foxy, the third, is still living at our house in Salatiga.  We nursed Marco and Foxy from the time they were just a few days old, and so Foxy doesn’t really know how to be a cat.  That’s why I call him Useless.  But he is also very nice.  He is fat, floppy, completely harmless, and as you can see in the picture, can be held in any position possible.  He is the only cat I have ever seen that will sleep flat on his back with all four legs out-stretched.

The experience of rescuing animals, nursing them to health, having pets run away, and seeing them killed by other animals was all part of the experience Sam and Anna grew up with.  It all led to a deep love and respect Anna had for all forms of life.  Though it often led to sharp disagreements between daughter and father over the way certain household pests should be handled, I am grateful for Anna’s precious love for life.




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