We are Back; Trip to Italy, part 1

16 01 2009

We are back in Louisville after spending Christmas with my brother in Chicago and taking a vacation together. We had been talking and planning about our trip for a long time. After Anna died I told Timberley it was time to make the trip. We don’t have time to sit and talk forever. Unfortunately, we did not find that out until after Anna died. I checked air fares to some warm places around Christmas time and found a great price on Alitalia going to Italy. It flew from Chicago so it worked great with our plan to visit my brother.
There were several points at which I should have at least paused and said, “Is this the smartest thing to do?” The first one came after we had been planning the trip for a few weeks. I had priced everything out on the Alitalia website; we only had to confirm the dates. After we had all our ducks in a row, I went online and went to the Alitalia website the way I usually do: by Googling the name of the airline and following the links. This time, however, I must have typed something a bit differently. Instead of Google returning a list of links taking me to the proper website, I instead was confronted with a list of news stories telling me that Alitalia was going bankrupt. One story said, “Alitalia will only fly as long as its fuel remains.” Hmmm. Should I have paused at that moment and said, “Perhaps we should make another plan?”dscf4296




3 responses

17 01 2009
Lisa Chambers

That is way too funny…. You know that off of Catalina in California there is a series of docs and houses and that there is a company that has gondolas from Italy and has gondola rides. Fred and I went to a hotel on the island and were pleasantly surprised by this great fun. I will pray that you do get your trip soon.

17 01 2009
Deloris Borger

I’m glad you are home. Good writing

19 01 2009
Deloris Borger

I just saw your picture of Italy. It does not look like a very warm place to me.


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