Trip to Italy, part 3

19 01 2009


So we have tickets on a soon-to-be-bankrupt Italian airline.  This soon-to-be-bankrupt Italian may or may not fly out of the airport for which we have tickets.  (As it turned out, my brother was mistaken.  He aplogized later for his mistake.  You are forgiven, Dave.)  I wonder what winter weather is like in Italy.

We read on the internet that winter is a fine time to go to Italy as long as you don’t go north of Florence.  But we’re Americans.  We’re used to the cold.  We’ll go wherever we please, thank you very much.  Let’s go to Venice!  (For those of you who are not sure where this is going, Venice is north of Florence.)  Let’s check the weather on the internet, shall we.  We turn on the computer, open up the explorer.  Before we can get to a weather site, we find that we don’t need to look there.  The Italian weather is so bad that it has made the US news!  Rome has had so much rain that it has been declared a state of emergency.  And Venice is experiencing some strange tides that have brought on the worst flooding for the last forty years or so.  Things have gotten so bad in Venice that a world-famous Dutch wake boarder made news and brought the attention of the Venetian police by wake boarding through St. Mark’s Square.

How is this going to turn out?




2 responses

20 01 2009

You’re really killing me already….. 😀

20 01 2009
Deloris Borger

I am really enjoying this trip

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