Travelling; Power Out; We’re Back Now

3 02 2009

Louisville has been under the weather a bit lately.  I will post a photo when I can, but you have probably seen the news already.  Cold weather.  Snow.  But the killer was the ice.  I have not seen anything like this before.  When I went out to clean off our car I found a sort of frozen, white Oreo cookie on the roof of the car.  Two inches of soft white snow on the car.  Another two inches above that.  And in between the two layers was an inch of solid ice.  As I cleaned off the car I was pulling off sheets of ice about two feet across and throwing them to the ground.  It was great fun.

The worst part of the ice was the trees.  The ice covered every exposed spot on the trees.  The ice was so heavy that it literally pulled branches from the trees and in some cases pulled whole trees down.  Along with about a half million other people in Kentucky we lost power on Wednesday.  Ours came back on Sunday, but in many places it is still off.  We spent the first night at home and watched the inside temperature drop to 59.  My first thought on waking up was, “This won’t be so bad after it warms up during the day.”  The thought just passed through my mind when the answer followed it.  “It is only 20 degrees outside.  There is no “warming up.”   We decided to leave town instead.

Samuel’s school was cancelled for the week. The start of my class was delayed for a week.  So we went to Richmond to see Timberley’s family and surprise her brother and sister on their birthdays.  We had a good time there.

We are back home in Louisville now and working to get things back to normal.  More later.





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