Samuel at 12; Lincoln and Darwin at 200

13 02 2009

This post is one day late, and the title is intentionally deceptive.  It is not the facts that are wrong, but rather that I am not going to talk about Lincoln and Darwin.

Yesterday, Feb. 12 was Samuel’s 12th birthday.  We always knew that Samuel shared Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  But it was only this past week that we learned he also shares Charles Darwin’s birthday, and that Lincoln and Darwin were born on the same day 200 years ago.

I am at the office and do not have the pictures of the brief celebration we had at Samuel’s school, but there is a picture of his cake that you will not want to miss.   More later.

Samuel is really developing as a fine young man.  He continues to do well at school.  He is active in boy scouts.  He is finishing up his first basketball season.  He has definitely improved over the course of the season as he has learned more and more about the game and how it is played.  We have seen lately a change in Samuel as he begins to take new responsibilities and show some independence.  He is growing into a young man.

The two photos below were taken in Italy.  The first shows Samuel climbing (or descending, I forget which) Brunelleschi’s dome atop the Duomo cathedral in Florence, Italy.  The other photo was taken inside St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City.  My battery was fast fading on the camera and I told Samuel I had only a few photos I could take.  He quickly told me to turn it off and wait for two pictures he wanted.  The first was a photo of Michelangelo’s Pieta statue.  The second was the photo below of Samuel standing at the foot of St. Peter.  I pray that Samuel would grow to be a man like St. Peter, a disciple of Jesus, a fisher of men, a man that could be used by the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel boldly as Peter did in the book of Acts and later in written form in his two letters.

Happy Birthday, Samuel.  We love you.  Mom and Dad.





One response

15 02 2009
Susan Kenney

Happy 12th Birthday Samuel! We wish we could be with you to share some cake. You look like you had a good time in Italy. Did you know St. Peter would be so tall? 🙂 Glad you are enjoying basketball – that is our family’s favorite sport. Tim will want to shoot some hoops with you the next time we get together. He isn’t as young as you – but he still has some moves. (Do they still say that about basketball players? We miss you! Love, Susan for Tim, Sarah and Little Sam.

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