Anna Library in Eastern Kentucky

16 03 2009

I have been away from the blog for a while.  Sorry about that.

Anna’s birthday is fast approaching (March 29) and then we have a short break until the anniversary of her death (May 7).  Not sure if this will be a good spring or not.  Seeing flowers coming up on the campus of SBTS has been bittersweet.  Hopeful?  Yes.  But somehow winter seemed to fit the mood better.

The people of Hurstbourne Baptist Church are working on a mission project in Lynch, KY.  They will be taking books to a library established to help children who are learning to read.  The library collection will be dedicated in memory of Anna.  The way I heard the story was that the missions group from the church had come up with the library idea before they went to survey the place.  When they arrived the woman showing them their facilities expressed a need for a collection of books for young readers.  She said this before anyone from our team had said anything about the library.  The church is working now at collecting books that will be taken out during spring break (the week of March 29).  Timberley put together a list of Anna’s favorite books as a guide  for those wishing to donate books.  Sunday ws the first time I saw the list.  I was quite impressed and proud of my daughter.  She was an amazing reader.  And her mother did a wonderful job of steering her and her brother to good books.  There was not much fluff in the book list.  Let me know if you want to see the book list.




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16 03 2009
Lisa Chambers

Hi Todd We would like to buy some books for the library. Please forward the list to us… although, I think I know a few of the titles :-). Much love to you all. We planted the remainder of the 100 pink tulips in Anna’s garden and Colleen has put a small white wooden stool in the midst of where they will all come up this spring. I will send you photos as they rise again….. She is risen as well. Where O Death is thy victory? Where O Death is thy sting. Frederick is now an official Boy Scout so that is fun. Praying for you.
Lisa for all of us.

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