Anna’s Favorite Books

18 03 2009

I am posting above a page containing the list of books that Timberley put together.  These were the books that Anna read and read again.  A few (Shakespeare’s Complete Works) she only began to read, but the vast majority were one’s she enjoyed several times over.

I was talking to a friend at church this evening and commented that I did not remember Anna ever reading the Little House series.  My friend reminded me of something Timberley had told her, that Anna had started to read one of the books.  She stopped when a dog died and never picked up another one of them.  An author could get away with a lot with Anna, but you cross a line when you start messing with the animals!

Timberley put in a lot of work putting this list together.  It not only is a great memory of Anna for us, but I think it is a wonderful resource of good books for children and especially girls.  I notice that she added a brief section at the end of authors she recommends for boys.




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21 03 2009

Hi Todd,

I was just reading through some comments on my dh’s blog (New Lumps) and came across your website. It seems as though we have a lot in common. May God be with you in this coming week. Our Emily’s birthday is May 8 and I’m not really sure what to expect.

23 03 2009

Thanks for coming over. I am not quite sure what to expect this coming week for her birthday. And then the anniversary of her passing will be May 7. If I remember correctly your daughter’s death came later on? I don’t recall how I found new lumps. I was searching for something after Anna’s death and I found the story about Emily. I have not been writing much here lately, but I will try to let you know how this time goes. Maybe it will help prepare you, although I know almost all of our circumstances are different. I have more that I might want to share by email.

23 03 2009

Thanks, Todd. Emily’s birthday is May 8 and she died last September 27.

I’ve been thinking about her birthday and I think we may go to the mountains (about 2 hours away) for the day and out for supper. It seems to me that it might be easier to deal with if we do something completely different from what we would normally do.

I’d be happy to hear from you by email.


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