Anna’s Book Collection in Lynch, KY

27 03 2009

A group of youth and adults from Hurstbourne Bapt. Church in Louisville, our home church, is going to Lynch, KY for a mission trip this week.  As part of the project the church has collected a sizable number of new and used books for a literacy center there.  Timberley made a list of books that were Anna’s favorites.  While not all of the books given come from that list, it provided a good guide for the project.  I would really recommend this list to any parent or grandparent looking for good books for a young girl or boy to read.  Click on “Anna’s Favorite Books” at the top of this page.

I prepared a short document to be posted in the library that tells a little bit about who Anna is.  This is what I wrote:

Anna Christine Borger

March 29, 1999 – May 7, 2008



Anna Borger was born in Louisville, KY.  At the age of four she moved to the far-off country of Indonesia.  It became her home and she lived there until she went to be with her Lord at the age of nine.


Anna was a beautiful young lady.  She loved to dress up and pretend that she was a princess.  She loved music and drama and learned many Shakespeare speeches to act out in front of others.  Mozart was her favorite composer and she learned to play his music on the piano.  She had a beautiful singing voice and dreamed of playing the violin one day.


Anna loved spending time outside enjoying God’s creation.  She loved all of nature but had a special place in her heart for animals of all kinds.  Anna liked all of the normal animals like dogs and cats and hamsters.  But she also liked to collect large snails and millipedes and let them crawl on her arms.  She collected hairy caterpillars and watched them turn into moths and butterflies.  She loved to go out in the early evening and catch frogs.  Anna was the defender of all things living.


Anna also loved books.  She loved reading her Bible.  She loved books about horses.  She loved to read about Greek myths and Egyptian pharoahs. She loved the Narnia Chronicles and Nancy Drew mysteries.  Anna read hundreds of books in her short life.  If she had a perfect day it would be when she had time to sit and read for hours at a time.


Above all else, Anna loved Jesus.  She accepted Jesus as her Lord when she was five years old.  After that she began to read the Bible and she read all of it in the few years she had left.  Anna was very burdened about children that did not know Jesus and who grew up in difficult situations or broken homes.  She would pray at night for ther children at school that did not know her Lord or who didn’t have a very good home life.  When she was at school or on the bus she would share the truth about Jesus whenever she had the chance.


Books in this library have been donated in memory of Anna by members of Hurstbourne Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, where she was a member.  Alot of these books were her favorites and she read them several times over.  We hope that many children will enjoy the books and that they will develop the same love of reading that Anna had.  More than that, we hope that you will have the same love that she had for her Lord Jesus Christ.



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