Please Pray for My Mother

11 04 2009

I have not written about this yet.  I guess out of concern for privacy, but I want to let you know what is happening with my mother, Deloris.  About six weeks ago my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She was complaining of some stomach problems and went to a walk-in clinic.  The doctor ordered some scans and found out about the cancer.  We have been to several other doctors since then to find out how best to handle this.  We found out she would need extensive surgery and then chemotherapy to follow the surgery.

She entered the hospital for surgery last  Monday.  Following surgery she stayed in ICU until yesterday morning (Friday).  She is in a private room now with a beautiful view from her fifth floor window.  She is receiving good care.  She is at John Muir Memorial Hospital in Walnut Creek.

As far as we can tell the surgery was successful.  We are still waiting for test results from the doctor, but we are optimistic right now.  Mom is doing well, but in some pain.  She has some congestion in her lungs as a result of the surgery and the breathing tubes that were inserted.  Her biggest concern does not seem to be the surgery itself, but rather the congestion in her lungs. Please pray for her that God would heal her from the surgery she has gone through, but also pray that he would heal the congestion in her lungs.  Pray that God would comfort her and give her rest.  Pray most of all that Mom would know the presence and comfort of the Lord during this time.  It is a period of bitter grace.




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21 04 2009
Lisa Chambers

We are still praying Todd, Any update?

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