Thanks for your prayers, so far.

23 04 2009

My mom is home from the hospital.  She was in for almost two weeks following her surgery.  The surgery was serious and it was not an easy recovery, but Mom is strong and she did well.  She handled her stay in the hospital with as much grace as I can imagine a person having under those circumstances.  She was always friendly towards her caregivers, even when they were giving care that was less than comfortable.

Our family has only good things to say about the care my mom received at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, CA.  Every nurse and nurse’s assistant was friendly and I never heard a complaint from them.


I just had a call yesterday that my mom went back to a local hospital to receive some fluids.  Her blood pressure dropped pretty low.  She spent the night there and we received a message that there were some other little things, but we don’t know what those things are yet.

Please continue to pray.  She is not out of the woods yet.

Also pray for my dad.  He is standing up well, but I know this is very hard on him.  My sister-in-law, Dianna, is doing much to care for Mom and Timberley is planning on going out for a few weeks to help clean and do the laundry, etc.




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