The Swedish Tank

11 07 2009


Timberley has her dream car.

We have a new 1993 Volvo 240 Classic.  For those of you who care, 1993 was the last year Volvo made the 240 model.  To finish production they made 1600 cars specially designated as Classic.  They are individually numbered on the dashboard.

We bought this car from a local used Volvo dealer, Mike Butenko.  In the course of working out buying the car we found out that he and his wife are members of a local Baptist church and that our family had attended a missions banquet at their church in 2006.  They remembered us from that night.

The car has 132,000 miles on it.  We told Mike that our goal is to get it to 500,000.  Mike said, “I think you are seriously underestimating this car.”

Later on I talked to Samuel about it.  We figured out that if we drove 20,000 miles a year, he would be 31 years old when we get to 500K.

For another view, here is Timberley next to her baby.





6 responses

12 07 2009

if you drove it out to visit us…that would put a couple thousand miles on it. 😀

12 07 2009

That would be a fun trip in this car. It would take a while, however, with the cruise control set to 55.

12 07 2009
Susan Kenney

yea for new cars!!

14 07 2009
Lisa Chambers

Good for you Timberley….. We love you guys.

14 07 2009
Melanie Vilardi

Remember when we changed the oil in your old volvo in the parking lot of an office building???? I love memories…

17 07 2009
Ron Copeland

The perfect car for a seminary professor’s wife!

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