Mom’s Notes about Anna

16 07 2009

dscf3370As we prepare for our move to NC, I have been having to look through papers and such, sorting out useless papers we need to throw away from the useless papers we need to keep.  As I went through one stack of stuff, I found a notepad from the Legacy Center here at Southern Seminary.  The pad was used by my mother on one her visits here.  On it she had made a list of things that Anna did in her lifetime.  She gave it to me because she wanted me to be sure to write about all the things Anna had done.

The night that Anna died, we had to make those very difficult phone calls back to the grandparents in the US.  We tried to wait until a late enough hour in Indonesia that we were not waking people up in the middle of the night.  But we also tried to time it so that we were calling people on the east coast and the west coast about the same time since we knew that they would be calling one another.  That first phone call with my mother and father was horrible.  But that is not my point right now.  The next day (or later that same day for my mom) she called me back and we had a longer, more relaxed talk about Anna.  My mom made the comment that Anna had lived more in her nine years than most adults do with their 70, 80, or 90 years.  My mother was talking about Anna’s life experiences.  I have at other times connected my mom’s thoughts instead to Anna’s spiritual life–that it was complete, that she was a mature believer and follower of Christ.

Then the other day I found the list my mother had made for me.  It was like a list of memories.  I think all of them are good memories.  I would still like to tell all of the stories, but I don’t know if I ever will. For now, I just want to share my mother’s list with you.  These are the things my mom remembers about Anna:

Bungee jumping in Bali

Elephant ride in Thailand

Carousel ride at Pier 39 [in San Francisco]

BART and cable cars in San Francisco

Disneyland rides

Shopping at the Dollar Store

Walking across the Gold Gate Bridge

Hair braided in Bali

Train ride in Indonesia

Love of horses

Pictures she drew and painted of horses

Staying all night at the yurts [Google it if you don’t know]

Hiking to the falls in Yosemite

Going to the beach in Half Moon Bay

Going to the beach on Lake Michigan

Cutting down a Christmas tree on a farm in Louisville

Tea party in Riverbank

Playing in the river in Riverbank

Playing with the farm animals at Lisa’s

Made a quilt for her cat–wanted me to bring my portable sewing machine to Indonesia the next time I came.  Loved picking out the colors for the quilt top and putting it all together.

Her report card on the cat

Parts of her book

Pictures–I have all her letters to me.

For various reasons–the travel needs this summer, my dad’s hospitalization, our job situation–I have not really had time to think about my mom.  It seems as if her passing quickly became swallowed up by other things.  (There is a theological thought in that sentence screaming to be made!)  But I was pleasantly surprised to find my mom’s list, written in her hand, full of memories about Anna.  It is like a two-fold keepsake.  It will go into the stack of useless papers that we keep.



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