We are in North Carolina!

2 08 2009

Timberley, Samuel, and I said goodbye to our friends in Louisville and set off for the faraway land of North Carolina.  But we thought we should stop off in St. Joseph, MI along the way for some swimming in Lake Michigan.  While we were there my dad flew out from CA to make the trip to NC.  We picked him up at the airport in Kalamazoo.

Louisville-Raleigh 026Louisville-Raleigh 039

We returned to Louisville from St. Joseph long enough for Samuel to get his warts frozen and injected at the doctor, then we set off for NC.  We went through West Virginia on the way and found the best Italian restaurant in Beckley.  I wish we had found it years ago for all of our many trips from Louisville to Richmond.  We could have avoided Sbarro pizza at the Tamarack travel stop and just gone down the street for some real Italian food at Pasquale’s.  I had linguini carbonara, and it was fixed the authentic way, which I am sure is illegal in some states since it involves raw or slightly cooked eggs.  But it apparently is still legal in West Virginia, or Pasquale has some deal going with the local health department officials.  Anyway, we had a great meal, spent the night at Beckley and then set off for Raleigh.  We entered NC through Mayberry (Mt. Airy) and passed Mt. Pilot (Pilot Mountain) on our way to Raleigh.  My dad took our picture at the border.

Louisville-Raleigh 062




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3 08 2009
Susan Kenney

Glad you made it! Great photos! And oh, yeah, good italian food. I think I remember that. 🙂

4 08 2009
Marilyn Eckles

Dear Todd & Timberly,

Todd we have only met once, I think it was fall of 1994 and Timberly you and I met just a few times. I met you both through Larissa Clark while you were all attending Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. I was a new Christian and attended San Francisco First Baptist (where I met Larissa). Timberly…you and I attended Scott Harris’ ordination together and you gave me a lift back into the city if that might jog a memory. Anyway, it was a very long time ago and I am certain you are not likely to remember…but I wanted to let you both know that I have never forgotten you.

I was a brand new believer when we met and while my walk with God has matured in the past 15 years I have never forgot what my life was like prior to accepting Christ and the excitement of those “formative new Christian” years. I was so incredibly blessed to have friends getting their masters and doctorate in theology. Boy, what I wouldn’t give to have access to that sort of knowledge now…especially while doing my Beth Moore bible study.

Over the years, I have maintained friendship with Larissa and heard about Anna the day after she died. I immediately prayed for you and your family. Over the past year, I have often prayed for you and wondered how you were doing. Tonight, I was finishing up a bible study lesson that specially prayed for missionaries and my thoughts went directly to both of you again. For the first time however I sent a Facebook message to Larissa specially asking about you. Please see below.
Hey Ms. Larissa!

Love reading your posts! You seem to be loving NYC!!!

Hey, I’ve got to ask you…Do you know how Timberly & Todd are doing? I was in Singapore a few months ago and couldn’t help but pray for them. They enter my thoughts and prayers from time to time and I have a question (kinda of in-depth so will understand if you don’t have time to answer) but was wondering if what they experienced in Indonesia has tampered or altered their faith in God in anyway? Are they mad at God? Do they still want to serve Him?

I just finished week 8 of a Beth Moore study (Believing God) and this week we read about missionaries (past/present) and day 5 offered a special prayer for missionaries so I couldn’t help but think of Timberly and Todd…again. I really grieve for their loss.

Would love to hear your thoughts but appreciate how busy you are just know that I think about you too and keep you in my prayers as well.


After I sent the message to Larissa I decided to do a web search and to my delight found your website. I’ve just spent the past 2 hrs reading your blog entries. You have not only answered my questions to Larrissa above but also allowed read absolute beautiful and amazing entries about Anna, your family and your relationship with God. I am honored and privileged for having the opportunity to read your posts.

Marilyn Eckles (Teague)

6 08 2009
Lisa Chambers

Hi Dear Friends,So glad to see that you arrived. We are sad we could not join you down South. The job offer turned sour as several details changed all in one month’s time. We had to decline the offer and are seeking God’s will for what is next for us. Please keep us in your prayers as well.

We love and miss you,
Lisa for the Chambers crew….. Hey Samuel… Joshua has a stubborn wart and it may need an injection….. his is a plantar wart on his toe….

We used to live in West Virginia and many things are legal there…. Beckley is a nice village…..

May God Bless you in your new surroundings…..Love and Peace to you

8 08 2009
Susan Callihan

Timberley – the look on your face in the NC picture above is the exact same look on Anna’s face in the “Pray for the Borger Family” picture/reminder taken in Indonesia. HA HA You both seem to be thrilled with the “photo shoot.”

10 08 2009
Martha Deaton

Thanks for the heads up on good food in WV. As you know we’re becoming quite familiar with the trip across I-64 and also the Tamarack food court! We look forward to hearing you’re moving back to KY. (You know it’s bound to happen eventually!)

9 03 2010

hallow…long time no see….ini dita….saya suka blog nya….bagus…hehe..

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