Any Ideas?

2 09 2009


I came across this photo tonight.  Anna is in the front.  Samuel is in the red swim suit in the rear.  Anyone have idea what they are doing?  (No fair if you have lived for anytime in Indonesia!)




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3 09 2009

Well…I can describe the picture, not sure what they are doing. Trying to put a ribbon inside a cup? Trying to fish for something with the ribbon that is in the cup? Interesting pic! Are you the one in the middle Todd? 😉 No, I guess you would be taller…

3 09 2009

No, I am not the one in the middle, nor am I the clown over on the side.
You are on the right track. It is probably hard to see, but there is a pencil tied to the end of each string. The trick is to get the pencil to drop inside the bottle.
I always wondered if this was a kind of Indonesian toilet training. If you’ve been there, you would understand.

4 09 2009

Oh, now I see the pencil. Small toilets there in Indonesia? Or do people in America just have bigger bottoms? Nevermind. Either way that looks like a pretty hilarious game to watch! Awe…we ♥ you all!

5 09 2009
Lisa Chambers

Todd I think you are the clown in middle and this is a great game….. everyone should do it at least once… How fun.

6 09 2009

Lisa, it was good to talk to all of you the other day.
But, just to make sure this is clear, I have never dressed up as Mickey Mouse (the middle character in the game) nor have I dressed up as a ridiculous yellow clown and paraded around an Indonesian hotel playing games with the children.
(Those who know me from way back might be saying, “Todd, we remember you dressing up in some pretty ridiculous things . . .” But just trust me on this one. I am not Mickey Mouse. I am not the yellow clown.)

11 09 2009
Susan Callihan

I thought it was that eel in a bottle game we have heard about it GA’s. 🙂

21 09 2009

I was just showing someone the eel photos the other day. I will find one for the blog.

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