Tea for Three

2 09 2009

(Update: I have added a photo of the original tea party for those who don’t know about it. See below.)

I just received word yesterday that my Aunt Alice passed away some time on Tuesday night.  She had been battling various forms of cancer for some time.  The decision had been made to put her on hospice care and they had just brought her home from the hospital, but as with my mom, she passed away much more quickly than anyone imagined.

I will have to dig around and see if I have a picture of Anna with my Aunt Alice.  Anna met her on a trip we made to Southern California in January 2007.  We spent the night at her house on our way to Disneyland.  Anna fell in love with her Great-aunt Alice and I think the feeling was mutual.  I think that Aunt Alice was living the kind of life that Anna would like.  By the time Anna met her she was already widowed after the death of my Uncle Tom several years earlier.  So Anna only knew my aunt as a sort of spinster, living on her own in a beautiful house with lots of books.  It might have been the books that attracted them to one another.  They both loved to read and I think it pleased Anna to meet an older woman who enjoyed reading as much as she did.  And Aunt Alice was very generous giving many books to Anna.

Alice was not part of the original tea party at my mom and dad’s house, with my mom and Timberley and Anna.  I am certain, however, that if such things happen in heaven, Anna will have pulled up a chair for Aunt Alice alongside my mom’s chair and asked in a very proper British accent, “Would you care for some tea, Ma’am?”





One response

2 09 2009
Wade Odum

Just to share my thoughts here, your gift for writing is blessed, even when I know it must be difficult to do. Thank you for allowing us the imagry into your experiences and recollections. Please continue and thank you-


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