“Men are just tools.”

21 09 2009


A funny memory came up today.

A few posts back I wrote about my Aunt Alice passing away and about the brief relationship between her and Anna.  I mentioned in that post that my Aunt Alice was living the life that Anna would have loved–the elderly widow or spinster.  Some of you who knew Anna might remember, however, that Anna wanted to have 17 children.  But the unmarried spinster life would not allow her to have 17 children.

One day she was telling me about her future and she began to name off her 17 children.  She had told me that she did not want to get married, and so I quietly informed her that she would have to get married before she could have 17 children.  She looked at me, a bit peeved at my insolence, sighed, and said, “Well, if I have to, but men are just tools in order to have children.”  I did not pursue it further.




3 responses

22 09 2009
Susan Kenney

Thanks for sharing this memory. Oddly enough, Sarah came to a similar conclusion yesterday. Hope you all are doing well. Miss you all!

10 10 2009
Lisa Chambers

Tools are useful…. well that was just Anna wasn’t it….. Thinking of you guys… Love you!!

16 05 2010
Warren Hornsby


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