Timberley is Off to Indonesia!

27 04 2010

I dropped off Timberley at Raleigh/Durham airport today. She flew to New York. New York to San Francisco, where she should land shortly. Dinner with my father and a friend in San Francisco. One in the morning San Francisco to Hong Kong. Hong Kong to Singapore. Singapore to Jakarta. Jakarta to Semarang. And then a five minute drive from the airport to our friends’ house where she will be staying. It will be a long couple of days for her.

She is visiting Indonesia until May 10.  She has been aware for some time that when we left Indonesia to come to the States, she never really said good-bye to everyone there.  It has been over a year and a half for her now.  Samuel and I returned last summer so we could pack up our house and close out things there.  But Timberley has not been back yet.  When we left back in 2008 we thought it would be a temporary exit and that we would return in about four or five months.  Events have turned out differently and it looks like we are here in the States permanently–or as permanently as things get this side of heaven.

The next impetus to return came when our things arrived from Indonesia and Timberley realized that many of Anna’s things did not belong with us, but needed to be given to some of her friends over there. 

So we decided some time back that she would return to Indonesia.  In a bit of a last-minute decision we concluded that this was the right time.  So off she has gone.

We know that this will be a difficult trip and at a difficult time.  May 2 is the one-year anniversary of my mother’s passing, and Timberley was very close to her; May 7, of course, is the two-year anniversary of Anna’s passing; and then May 9 is Mother’s Day.  It will be a big trip indeed.

Please pray for her and also for Samuel and me while we remain behind in lovely Wake Forest!




One response

7 05 2010
Susan Burk

Thinking of you all & praying for you today, May 7th. I listen to the Sovereign Grace “Savior” cd a lot and every time I listen to track number 7, I think of Anna. It is a wonderful song and an encouragement indeed. I pray it is an encouragement to you. Anna resurget! By the way, Emily loves Anna’s picture and carries it around with her a lot of the time. She will set it up at her table or on her desk. We miss y’all. – Susan B.

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