Summer Fun

17 05 2010

This summer I went to Disneyland with my family.  We went on a lot of rides.  Grandma Deloris and Papa Dick went with us too.  They did not go with us on many of the rides because they are old and broken.  We also went to California Adventure for a day.  The second day we went to Disneyland.  That is the second time I have been to Disneyland.  I had a lot of fun while I was there.

The End




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17 05 2010
Barb Stevenson

Hi Timberley:

This evening, my daughter Lindsey and I read Anna’s story and watched one of the videos. Her story made us laugh together. Her video made us cry. Thank you for sharing her beautiful life with us in this way. I will pray for you every time I look at my daughter as I know how much love a mom feels for her daughter and I can not even imagine how much you miss her but I hope it is a comfort to you as you look at her beautiful sweet face and know that many must be touched by her every time they see her face and read her story. May God give you blessings beyond your wildest reckoning and give you the peace that only He can until you hold her again on the other side. Lindsey and I are adjusting to her being home for the summer; turning into that wonderful, godly woman that God is growing her to be; not the baby I miss anymore. Watching the video helped me to remember to grasp each moment and make a memory and to remember she belongs to Him first and must be about His work; she is a gift for me to have for a while; a time that only He determines. May God bless you for sharing Anna with us today.

God Bless,

19 05 2010

I had to laugh at the way she described her grandparents and wonder if I also qualify as “old and broken” because I don’t ride the “fun” rides anymore!
Love ya’ll!!

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