When I Was Afraid

30 05 2010

[From Todd: This writing assignment was based on real events of Anna’s imagination.  Her night fears were a regular event, but until I read this story I did not know that they ran as deep as they apparently did.  It was always difficult dealing with Anna’s mixture of imagination and reality.  Fortunately, she knew to whom she could always run, even when her Daddy would not listen to her.]

One dark night I awoke.  I could hear the door creak open and I could almost see the tip of a gun pointed at me.  I rolled over and tried not to think about it.  I could feel someone with a knife poised, ready to kill.  Finally I couldn’t take it.  I started running, picturing deadly black widows going to sting my feet as I ran.  I banged on my parent’s door, but they were engrossed in a horror movie:  MONK.  I ran back to my room.  I prayed.  Instantly sleep came.  I woke in the morning.  SAFE!




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