My Trip to Malaysia

27 07 2010

Follow this link and you can read a brief article about the trip I made to Malaysia with another professor and students from Southeastern Seminary.


Keeping the Tense Present

26 07 2010

In class the other day, my students were sharing prayer requests.  One student asked for prayer concerning his grandmother who had lost her husband a few years previously.  In the course of our discussion I asked the student if his grandmother was a believer.  “Yes,” he said.  “And your grandfather, what about him?” I asked.  “Yes, he was a believer, too.”  He paused for a moment.  “Well,” he continued, “I mean he is a believer.  I guess he’s still a believer.”  He seemed a little uncomfortable and there was some nervous laughter around the room from the other students who did not know whether or not he was making a joke.

“You said that well,” I answered to him.  “I think that we as believers need to be very careful how we talk of the believing dead.  We always speak of them in the past tense, as if they don’t exist anymore.  They do still exist, and probably moreso than we do at this time.  We need to think carefully about what we believe about life, death, and the future, and we need to make sure that the way we speak is consistent with what we believe.”

Summer Update for the Borgers

23 07 2010

Hello, everyone.  Or at least, hello, to readers here.  I have not told you much lately about the doings and goings on of our family.  My recent posts have mostly been about some school assignments written by Anna that I think show something of her soul even when performing a mundane task.  I did tell you some of Timberley’s trip to Indonesia, but not much since then.

Timberley and Sam at the Trinity Spring Concert

Samuel finished his year at Trinity with a bang.  He performed a beautiful solo with the school choir in the song “Shenandoah.”  Later in the same concert, he sang a duet with a good friend, “Here Comes the Sun.”  He also played baseball this past spring.  It was his first opportunity playing organized ball, as was true for many of his teammates.  Trinity Academy was fielding their first team ever.  There was a pretty steep learning curve as they went up against stiff competition right out of the gate.  After early blow outs, things settled down and the team actually wound up with a winning record.  On May 7, the last game of the season, Samuel collected his first hit and made his first put out in the outfield.  He finished well.

At the awards ceremony, Sam was honored with a national Latin honors award for achieving one of the highest scores on a national standardized Latin exam.  He received the middle school choir member award.  He was recognized for being accepted into the Duke TIP program, an academic talent search that covers the southeast states.  The final award of the evening was an award the school presents to the student who most demonstrates Christ-likeness in their work and attitudes.  Samuel won that award for the seventh grade.  We are very proud of him.

Sam at Awards Night with VA Grandma and CA Papa. His awards are in the background.

Earlier this summer I made a trip with a colleague of mine from the seminary and eight of our students to Malaysia.  We spent two weeks there working with international students in Kuala Lumpur and then working with a variety of people in the northern city of Penang.  It was a very good week.  We saw people come to the Lord.  We shared the gospel and answered questions for international Muslim students.  We witnessed an evangelistic meeting in an aboriginal village, in which the whole village came to follow Christ as Savior.  It was a very exciting two weeks.

When I returned home it was Timberley and Samuel’s turn to go.  They went with a youth group from our church to New Jersey where they helped with a World Changers project.  They worked in small groups doing home renovations for needy people in Neptune, NJ.  During the week, in addition to doing a lot of hard word, Timberley’s team was able to witness to their home owner, who accepted Christ.  His wife has not yet made a decision to believe, but she has started attending church with her husband and is much more open than when the team first arrived.

All in all, it has been a productive summer.  It has been a good summer in many ways.  We are just looking forward to it cooling down now!