Loving Jesus

19 08 2010

This morning I read something from Charles de Foucauld in Meditations of a Hermit.  “The hour in our life in which we are best empoyed is the hour in which we best love Jesus.  A soul does good to others not in the measure of its knowledge or intelligence but in that of its holiness.”

I was reminded of Timberley’s story about tucking Anna into bed one night.  Anna was not reading as she normally was, but simply staring at the ceiling.  Timberley asked her if everything was okay.  Anna answered, “Oh, Mommy, I just love Jesus so much.”

During lunchtime–I believe it was the day of Anna’s accident–she asked Timberley at the table, “Mommy, what are the spiritual fruit that I lack in my life?”  Then followed a long discussion about each of the spritual fruit, and  an assessment of each person in the family.

Anna was able to keep her relationship with Jesus present in her mind at all times.  She oriented her life based on who she was in Christ.  She chose her clothes based on who she was in Christ.  (It greatly bothered her that when we came back to the US when she was in the second grade, all the girls wore short pants to school as part of a uniform.  She did not like showing her knees and thought that she would have to follow suit.  She chose instead to wear long pants or a skirt.)  She chose the words she said and the way she listened to the words of others based on who she was in Christ.  The walls of her bedroom that surrounded her bed were covered with laminated scripture vereses that Timberley provided her.  She wanted the last thing she saw at night to be some of her favorite Bible verses.

I write these things not to draw attention to Anna, but to draw attention to her Lord.  I would want each nine-year-old girl to know that there is a Savior who loves her.  I would want her to know that it is okay to devote yourself to your God.  I would want her to know that it is okay to dress modestly.  It is okay not to show everyone your shoulders and knees, and more.  It is okay to where a one-piece bathing suit at the swimming pool.  I would want her to know that it is okay to be serious about life.  It is okay to love good music and good books.  I want her to know that it is okay to love Jesus with all your heart.  And if the example of Anna helps to get that message across, then I will tell her story.



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