Long Time, No Read

22 09 2011

It has been some time since I last posted here. It seems that good intentions, as they say, . . .

We are continuing to work away here. Timberley is continuing to educate Samuel at home. He is in the ninth grade. She is supplementing what she does with many outside programs, so she is more like the principal now, having many teachers working with her to educate our son. They are both doing well. Sam is playing football again this fall in the Homeschool Football League. He is playing at the JV level again. He moved over from right guard to right tackle since he grew about four or five inches over the past year. The other change for him is that since the Wake Forest JV team got so big, they split into two teams. Because of that he has to start on offense and defense, playing defensive tackle when they don’t have the ball. If you are in Raleigh on a Saturday and want to see some good football, come to Fred Fletcher Field. The Mighty Mite games (7-10 year olds) start first, around 10 AM. The youth league plays next (10-13 year olds) and then the JV games (13-15 year olds). His game are usually around 1 PM. The varsity games are after that.

Sam is still in scouts, too. He is the patrol leader of the Cobras and is enjoying his new responsibility. This Friday night the boys in his patrol are coming to our house and camping in the backyard. Should be fun. He is a star scout and working hard towards his eagle scout rank.

We love our church, Richland Creek Community Church. Timberley and I serve in our small group there. I teach the class, and she makes sure that everything else runs well. We have a great group of friends there. It is a good place to be part of the body of Christ.

This past summer did not go quite as we had planned. Several events in Timberley’s family shook things up a little and took us up to Richmond more often than we expected, and in some cases, than we would have wanted. On the good side, her niece, Brandy Walton, got married. They asked me to do the service for them and I agreed. They had a beautiful wedding on a mountainside in the Wintergreen resort area of the Virginia mountains. Not sure a more beautiful place could have been found.

On the other hand, Timberley was called up to Richmond several times to help care for her sister, Melanie, while she was in the hospital with complications from her bout with cancer. She was finally released to hospice care and Timberley stayed there with her full time until she passed in July. It was a traumatic time for everyone involved, though certainly not unforeseen, since she had been battling this cancer for years.

One of the joys that Timberley is having now is watching the races of Melanie’s son, Ryan Peterson. He is an outstanding young runner, both as part of a champion high school cross country team, but more so individually as he competes in duathlons (biking and running) and triathlons (swimming, biking, and running). He is doing very well and should go far in this sport. I think with Melanie’s passing, it means a lot to him that his Aunt Timberley is coming to his races to cheer him on.

We continue to miss Anna. The events of this summer only served to be another reminder of our loss. And yet it was one more reminder of the hope we have in Christ. It is amazing to me how many of the songs we sing at church speak of a reality that we can only see through a glass darkly, but which Anna now sees clearly. We sing and we grieve. Things happen here and I still find myself wishing that Anna were here to enjoy them with us. And yet she is enjoying so much more. I almost said “so much than I will ever know.” But that is not true. Someday I will know it, too.




2 responses

22 09 2011
Denny Burk

It’s great to hear from you, brother. We think about you often. Blessings!

23 09 2011
Lisa Chambers

Thank you so much Todd for keeping us informed as to family life and happenings. Missing Anna with you. Praying for you guys.

Lisa for all the Chambers

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