Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun, Anna!

29 03 2013
Enjoying a snack at Pak Bejo's Soto Stand

Enjoying a snack at Pak Bejo’s Soto Stand

Fourteen years ago today, we welcomed Anna into our family. Timberley went into labor on Palm Sunday and Anna was born on Monday morning. This morning we were sharing stories about Anna and decided that it is difficult to think of her as 14 years old. I guess she will always be 9 to us. I was thinking about her yesterday, thinking about how much our family has changed since we lost her. One change is that Sam has gotten quite a bit bigger. In fact, at 6’3″ he is almost as tall as I am at 6’2″, but not quite! (Some people do say that he is a bit taller than I am, but I think that’s just to make him feel good.) Anyway, I figure that Anna would be one of those that would think Sam was taller than I am, and I wondered what she would say when she realized her brother had eclipsed her dad. I know that she would run over to Sam, grab his arm, and in her excited voice say, “Oh Sam! My big, strong, brother.” And then turning to me, she would come along side me, put her arm around me, and put her head into my side. She would then quietly say, “It’s okay, Daddy, we still like you, too.”We are having very complicated feelings today. We are celebrating Good Friday and the crucifixion of Jesus. Even calling it Good Friday, the day of Jesus’ death, is always complicated. But that complication, and the goodness of the day, is what is at the heart of the Christian gospel. But I think also, that because we are celebrating Jesus’ death today, it is far too easy for today to feel less like March 29 and more like May 7.But while today is the crucifixion and the grave, we know that Sunday is coming, and with it an empty tomb! We know that our Lord has risen, and because of that we know that Anna, too, will rise at the coming of her Lord. Anna Resurget!