10 04 2013

dscf3579I don’t know if I have posted this photo before. The photo for the masthead of the blog was cropped from this one. I thought you might like to see the whole frame. Anna loved animals of all sorts, even the annoying ones. We lived with a great number of snails in Indonesia. They were of several types, and usually quite large. I have some photos that I can’t show of Anna and Sam when they were trying to break the Guiness record (really!) for the number of snails attached to a person’s face at one time. They read that the record (I believe) was only eight. They thought that was ridiculous, so they ran to the pond in the backyard and fished out a dozen or more of our “pond snails.” These are like our American snails, but with shells perhaps a little larger than a golf ball and a body that stretched to four or five inches. Each one in turn would lay down while we placed the snails on their faces. The trick was to make them stick while the person stood up. They needed to stick to the face to count for the record. We were able to fit nine of those monsters onto Anna’s face, but two of them would not cooperate and stick when she stood up. Very frustrating!

Anyway, here she is with a smaller, and more attractive green snail. As you can see, she loved that snail.