You Must Believe in Spring, Again

9 05 2017


On Sunday’s post I mentioned a tune I had recently heard by the jazz pianist Joel Weiskopf. After I wrote that, I found the lyrics for the song and wanted put them here. If a Christian did not write this lyric, then here is surely an example of common grace.

When lonely feelings chill
The meadows of your mind,
Just think if Winter comes,
Can Spring be far behind?

Beneath the deepest snows,
The secret of a rose
Is merely that it knows
You must believe in Spring!

Just as a tree is sure
Its leaves will reappear;
It knows its emptiness
Is just the time of year

The frozen mountain dreams
Of April’s melting streams,
How crystal clear it seems,
You must believe in Spring!

You must believe in love
And trust it’s on its way,
Just as the sleeping rose
Awaits the kiss of May

So in a world of snow,
Of things that come and go,
Where what you think you know,
You can’t be certain of,
You must believe in Spring and love




2 responses

10 04 2018
Tim Barnard

You mentioned writing a book so I was just looking around to look at other writings you have done. Looking for your dissertation mainly. May seem to be a little creepy but I just like to read stuff. Not having much success though.

Cool song by the way. I will have to play it some time on Youtube.

This is Tim Barnard. I am not sure if you can tell.

10 04 2018
Tim Barnard

Why is her name Anna Resurget? There must be a story behind that one. Sounds French.

God bless you in your grief with losing your daughter. Though you show no outward signs of the pain I am sure there are days of immense mental struggle that only God can provide the grace you need. Music helps me the most with that kind of stuff. Or being around other people. Although I don’t want to equate any pain of mine with yours. My desire is to be a vessel that God can use to dispense that grace.

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