Adventures of Lilly

This is Anna’s story she was working on before she died.  The Adventures of Lilly.  I apologize for the format.  I changed it from the original document that I had printed in hard copy so it may look odd.  I think it should be readable, though.


5 responses

24 10 2008
Lisa Chambers

What a great story. Thanks for posting this Todd,

24 10 2008

Thanks, Lisa. We enjoyed it, too. We wish it were finished, though.

25 10 2008
Matt V

Thank you Todd for sharing in Dr. Hatfield’s class this last week. I appreciate your openness to encourage all of us to live in light of eternity thanking God for the joy of being a parent. I look forward to meeting this lively sister in Christ someday.

25 10 2008

I am never sure how those personal moments come across when I am with strangers in a classroom. You were a good group to meet and Dr. Hatfield is a good man. Thank you for your comments.

23 12 2008
Maria Buckner

Dear Todd and Timberley,
What a blessed Christmas gift to receive Anna’s story today. I cried earlier today as I spoke to someone on the phone about how my email from her is silent now, but her spirit is alive all around. I just miss her emails and her humor so much. I miss her so much. What a treasure to have her story. I printed it and will read it in the quiet of night tonight so I may concentrate on every word. I miss Anna every day of my life. I love you all and hope to see you after your trip.
In Christ,

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