Resurget is Latin for “will rise again.”  Anna resurget means Anna will rise again.  N. T. Wright mentioned in his book, Surprised by Hope, that it was a former practice to inscribe on headstones the work resurgam, which means “I will rise again.”  Graves were positioned so that the dead would be facing to the east as they rose from their graves.  In this way they would be facing their Lord as He came again like the sun from the East.

My hope is that the title of the blog will be a statement of faith concerning Anna and her Lord, but also a statement of comfort for us who miss her and are anxiously awaiting the return of that same Jesus Christ.


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1 10 2008
Merle Patterson


Thanks for sharing. This is truly an inspiration. Your time & effort in sharing these stories is worth every minute and so precious to those of us who loved Anna.

God’s Blessing to You, Timberley & Samuel



25 02 2009
Silwanus Gabriel

I remember when I was in your class listening to your explanation. At that time I saw the screen saver of your laptop that projected to the wall. It was written : “rise thee man of God….” That short sentence has awaken me up, that I should not give up hope. The same impression I get from the title of this post. You are really man of God. don’t give up hope.

25 02 2009

The quote that I had on my computer was “Rise Up, O Man of God” and was taken from the hymn “Rise Up, O Men of God.” It is an old hymn, but my family knew it from a Phil Keaggy song from the early 80’s. He tells a funny story about a friend giving him a book of prayer shortly after he was saved. He found the words of this hymn and he thought it would make a good song, so he put music to it and recorded it. Only later did he find out that it was already a Christian hymn and had its own tune. Phil Keaggy is an amazing guitar player, but he also recognizes a good lyric when he sees it.
I used those for a time as an encouragement to me to live a godly life. I think the words Anna Resurget are now a statement of faith for me that is equally as strong and meaningful. Those words remind me of my daughter, but they also remind me of the hope we as Christians have in the resurrection and in the God who raises the dead.
Thank you for the reminder, Gabriel. Tuhan memberkati.

21 03 2010
Carol Russ

Todd, Timberley, and Samuel,
Upon surfing through old e-mails, I clicked again on your Christmas letter and found this blog which I had not seen previously. Our former home of 15 years in Winston – Salem, North Carolina, was home to the Moravian Easter Sunrise Service in God’s Acre Cemetery. The Moravians were a Christian community from Germany area in 1700’s, but their STRONG belief in the resurrection of the dead was a signature belief. Their Easter Sunrise Service was broadcast nationally in the 1940’s and is still a huge event with thousands of people–VERY inspirational —bears some investigation! It is right on target with what you are sharing on this blog!
In Christian love, Carol Russ (Westport Road Baptist, Louisville)

30 07 2014
monikaqualmann (gesch.susantija)

My name Is Monika Qualmann, before> Susantija.
I lived in Indonesia from 1986 until 2008.

I was also at the funeral of Anna.
I only saw her twice in a restaurant in Semerang, where some women met each others. She and her brother and you have been there to pick up Timberly, your wife.

I once wrote to you, that I suddenly ‘saw’ her at the funeral.
I just read the the book from William Paul Young, ‘Cross Rouds’ in German language and also in his first book there is the point of a child who died and how God healed and explaned questions about this painful fact. So, I feel to write this letter to you and beg you to read the pages 238 until 243 …..because

in Semerang at her funeral I saw suddenly Anna alive and standing by your side as you talked with tears in your eyes about her. She was looking to you and hearing what you said.. She was sooooo alive and told me, more(!!!) than one time, to tell you, that she is fine..
I was sooooooo shocked to see her in my spirit and thought it was to crazy to tell …but finally I did it and told this Timberly, but I don’t know if she heard it, because she was so sad.

I believe that reading in this book will help you a lot, because it helped the man, who suffered so much about the lost of his 5 years old boy. At the end he got freedom and hope….
As I read these pages, the first thought was about you and your family….so that’s why I started this letter.

I also was amazed because Anna, in this vision, was like a friend to me, as if we knew each other a long time….even I only saw her twice in Semarang….I still hear her voice:”Please…., tell my parents, that I am alive and everything is ok with me!”

And I did it, finally.

In 2005, I got a vision about heaven: Suddenly I was there,in heaven, standing on a field with all flowers of the whole world and there was Jesus 10 or 20 meters away from me, with a smile on his face. I told him:”Jesus, here are all flowers of the whole world…” He hugged me and this was soooooo good!!!! Never I felt a hug like that. And without time, like on earth, we stood at the beach, seeing the waves with such white crowns and …..He hugged me again….Than He told me, that I have to go back to earth. The way to earth was grey and the world dark. I immediatly obeyed and only asked him when I am allowed to come back and he said:”Tomorrow.” That means in Indo not really the next day …may be some years later….you know it.
It was without worries there, no pain anymore, no problems lifely(!!!!) there, so different good ….everything what makes us sad in here is gone there.
God gave me this vision before my marriage broke, to comfort me, because short after this vision the storm arrived and nearly killed my life……
I never forget this vision and also not the vision at the funeral of Anna.
She is alive and in good health and she is waiting until you three arrive there. She loves you so much.

Since we all meet in heaven.


(sorry, I do not know your email adress, so I post it here)

11 01 2015

Hi Todd,

I so love your thoughts here. Our daughter Anastasia Vivian has a special name that we chose several years before she was born. It means “resurrection life,” or something similar anyhow. Little did we know when we chose the name that we would lose twins to miscarriage before having a baby to hold. When Ana was born, it was painfully sweet to give her this name that reminds us of the hope of resurrection, when our whole family can be together for the first time.

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