Hope for Homeschool Kids?

27 09 2008

In a recent World magazine article (subscription required) and column in the Indianapolis Star, Russell Pulliam discusses the background of the two presidential candidates as third culture kids.  Obama’s multi-cultural family background and his time as a boy in Indonesia are fairly well-known now.  McCain was born into a military family in the Canal Zone and spent his childhood growing up in the Pacific.

In the World magazine article, Pulliam discusses a book about third culture kids by Ruth Van Reken.  “Third culture kids, she writes, often have stronger relationships with adults.  They can be perceived as arrogant . . .  The world usually looks different to them because of their multicultural experiences.  Many third culture kids develop a sense of a both/and identity rather than the traditional either/or identity common to those growing up in one culture.”

These characteristics are nothing new to parents of third culture kids.  I had to smile when I read about them being arrogant.  I recall Anna one morning getting dressed up for church or some other event.  She had on a nice dress and her oft-tangled hair was brushed and neat.  A friend of ours walked over to Anna and said to her, “Anna, you look very cute today.”  Anna smiled sweetly back and said, “Yes, I know.”