Who is Anna?

Anna Christine Borger lived a full but brief life.  She was born in Louisville, KY March 29, 1999 and was taken to be with the Lord on May 7, 2008 in Salatiga, Indonesia.  She was a most beautiful and precocious girl who had many interests.  The picture of her above shows one of her great loves–God’s creatures great and small.


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7 05 2009
Gerry Monroe

Dear Todd, Timberley & Samuel,

Just thinking of you all recently and particularly on this day remembering sweet Anna. You all are in my prayers. I’m also saddened to hear of your mother’s death Todd. Just know that although you don’t hear from me often than I’m thinking of you all. Your family picture is taped prominently in my office to remind me. When people ask about the picture, they step right into a witnessing opportunity of how the Lord is working in all our lives.

Please don’t find yourselves anywhere close to Montgomery, AL, without letting us know and planning on spending some time with us. We will make sure you have nice accomodations, are well fed and enjoy some wonderful fellowship.

I know that my heart aches, my throat gets a lump and I will find myself crying sometimes thinking of Anna. But my only memories of her are of a smiling, friendly, curious and just all around adorable little girl. Tears dry, smiles fade, but memories of love will last forever. I look forward to seeing her again, forever.

Much love,

Gerry Monroe

10 02 2010

hi my name is olivia i was in 2nd grade with anna and we were bffs i found out that anna had died the day i came back from indiana i moved the year anna and her parents went to indonesia i remember coming back from indiana and going back to chenoweth and i said weres anna……and they said she died in indonesia riding her bike and a car hit her and i didnt believe them until the day i asked mrs.bukner my second grade teacher and annas teacher too did anna die and she ssaid sadly yes and sed that she cried as soon as she saw my message and said that anna was riding her bike and was distracted by a motorbike and fell off a 20 foot cliff. i miss her very much.


17 02 2010

Yes, Olivia, it happened the way Mrs. Buckner said. Thank you for looking here and writing to us about your memories of Anna. I have some pictures of Anna with her classmates. Maybe I have one of you. I will post some of them and maybe you can tell me if you see yourself!
Mr. Borger

19 05 2010
Katie S.

Hey Borgers…just hanging out here on Anna Resurget a little while, thinking and reflecting on your experiences. You’re a special family and this is a most beautiful expression of all you’ve lived out. I remember Anna each day I’m with my niece, and I remember to treasure each moment. I learned much from being with Anna and I learn from Cecelia. Both second children with older brothers. Both love nature and “aminals” as Cecelia calls them. Both very bright and curious. Both gentle of spirit and compassionate of heart. By God’s design, both call me Aunt Katie. Thanks for moving around the world so I could know her before we get Home. Love you much.

15 11 2010

Your daughter was (and will forever more be!) the essence of precious. My heart is broken for you and your family, and therefore Indonesia. May God bless and keep you and your family the rest of your days.

As an aspiring writer of fiction and other forms, your daughter’s words and drawings were fairly breathtaking. Thank you for sharing her with us…

25 03 2012
Peter Suppa

Hello, I am a retired Math teacher living in Apex, N.C. My married daughters moved down here from NJ TOGETHER with my four grandchildren, of course.
I live alone so I came down also. My grandchildren are two wonderful girls and two equally wonderful boys.
Raised a Catholic and attended Catholic HS, College, and Graduate schools I’m not very religious. But I feel very spiritual and continue to read and learn more about spirituality.
I’ve taken to reading the obituaries (last year) and usually look for the young taken by God (too) early. When I saw Anna’s picture and the beautiful words by the family I was really jolted where I sat. I felt feverish as I do now as I type.
Now 3/25/12 I have a second very beautiful picture of Anna which I will cherish. I’m sorry to be so wordy but I’m very emotionally and spiritually affected by Anna. I’ve kissed her picture many times. I will hold her in my heart until my passing comes. God Bless Anna.
If I can do anthing to help PLEASE contact me. Sincerely with Love, Peter Suppa petersuppa@yahoo.com 919 267 9167

3 04 2012

Hi you dont know me at all. Im in fourth grade.
My mom bought me a book uses, and it said
Anna’s name and that it was in memory of
Her so i did some reasearch and round out
She is a beautiful fiel who died at the age of
9. Thats how old i am. I will tell u the book
Name: rapunzel, the one with all the hair, by
Wendy Mass. I wanted to tell u that and that
I Care for her. I am Mormon, i am wondering
If u are.

7 04 2012

I am so glad that you searched to find out who Anna is!
Anna loved to read very much and I am glad to hear that her books are finding their way to other little girls who love to read.
Will you do me a favor? When you finish reading Rapunzel, will you write here and tell me how you liked it?
And no, we are not Mormons, but we are followers of Jesus.

14 04 2012
janessa comino

Hi Todd and Timberly. I have been thinking of all of our loved ones lost. I can’t believe it’s been a few years already. Everything happened in such quick successtion. I miss Aunt Deloris – I never got to grieve for her. When I heard she had passed, Grandma Alice was so sick. When she had passed, I couldn’t wrap my head around both of them being gone. The last thing Aunt Deloris said to me was that I had such a precious baby. Always in the back of my mind, I hurt for Anna – and you. I was so heartsick. The last thing I remember of Anna is that she wanted to hold my son, Jonah, so badly and she was so thrilled to do so. He is five now and I still have not grieved for any of them. Although, this is late and a long time overdue, I am so sorry and I love you all so much.
All my Love,
Janessa Comino

16 04 2012

Janessa, I remember that visit with your baby. Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. That was a difficult year! From May 08 until this past summer we lost Anna, my Mom, your grandmother, my Dad had open-heart surgery with six bypasses, we then lost my wife’s grandmother, and finally this past summer her sister. Anna loved your grandmother very much. I’m not sure what the connection was with them. Timberley thinks it was because Anna knew that Alice liked to read. But for whatever reason, they just really took to one another right away. Part of it, too, was that Anna never knew your grandfather, my Uncle Tom. He had already passed before Anna knew Alice. So for Anna, your grandma lived life as an old spinster, and I think Anna sort of liked that. That was the life she might have wanted herself. It is good to hear from you. Todd

16 08 2014
Ms. Friest

Anna must have been a very bright light. She touched so many lives.
I am sad for your family’s loss.

11 02 2015
On Blogging | Waller Around

[…] my Hebrew professor’s blog.  Dr, Todd Borger has a blog post dedicated to his daughter Anna who died at the age of […]

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